Does Your Content Tell a Story?


Storytelling. It’s more than a buzzword.

We all (should) know by now that engaging an audience means pulling them into your story, whether you’re a cause or a product. The thing is, not everyone can tell a story … especially the right story.

What about you? Does your storytelling do these five things:

  1. Support your organization’s goals — or just entertain?
  2. Consistently reflect your brand — or abandon it “to match the channel”?
  3. Address its audiences in the voice each will respond to?
  4. Fit the platform it’s delivered on?
  5. Cause your reader to feel something?

If you answered “no” or “hmm, I’m not so sure” to any of these questions, then your content probably isn’t packing the punch it needs to.

How can you tell a better story? Let me help!