One Way to Make Good Writing Easy to Share

Ever give up on Tweeting a great quote because the site you’re on makes you jump through too many hoops?

I don’t know if Kathy Caprino can claim credit for the idea, but the Forbes contributor gets my vote for perfect implementation: She took an exceptionally quotable line from her story and turned it into a Tweet (with automatic article link) with just one user click.

In her article The Top 6 Things You Should Never Tolerate in Your Career, Caprino suggests making positive moves in place of enduring stress. One of her proposed alternative looks like this:
succinct writing
Of course, “Begin to think about what you’d like your legacy to be” would make a beautiful Tweet; it’s the kind of thing people hang on their walls for inspiration. Knowing this, Caprino inserted a tiny Twitter bird after the sentence that, when clicked on, turns it into a ready-made Tweet complete with article link.

The result is a hard-to-ignore, engaging message that should pump up her Twitter followers and send new readers to the full article. Now, that’s good, strategic writing!

See it in action and send your own Tweet here